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Manaaki Whenua Co-innovation Workshop

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Please join us for “Creating our future  - Land, People and Environment”; the 2019 Manaaki Whenua Co-innovation Workshop.

Workshop details:

Workshop date: Wednesday 30th October 2019
TIme: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Meetings on the Terrace, 152 The Terrace, Wellington »
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Workshop outline:

The challenges of climate change, land and water degradation, and biodiversity loss, are high priorities for New Zealand.  Our society clearly cares about making positive change in all of these domains as evidenced by the focus on well-being, sustainable development goals and ambitions such as PredatorFree 2050, creating a zero-carbon economy, and ensuring our waterways are healthy for future generations.

None of these challenges stand alone and nor can they be solved by a single technological fix!  Collaboration and co-innovation from across organisations, agencies, individuals and society at large is required to shape these changes.  Science and research, technology, policy, innovation, marketing, and sociology all work together as a system to tackle real-world solutions and create our future landscape.

How do we shift society so that our land, people and environment thrive?

In this workshop we will embrace the complexity of the problems and the system, to explore the issues, barriers and opportunities for people and our land. What knowledge, approaches and tools do we need?  What research is required to identify and accelerate the change our environment and society so that New Zealand and New Zealanders thrive into the future.