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Landcare Research is the proud custodian of nationally significant biological collections and databases.

Main uses of collections:

  • Taxonomic research — describing and recording new Zealand's native and introduced biodiversity,
  • Type specimens — vitally important records anchoring formal descriptions to a designated specimen(s) of flora, fauna or fungal species,
  • Voucher specimens — permanent records validating the occurrence of a species at a particular locality and time, substantiating records of pests and pathogens on a host,
  • Biosecurity decisions — describing and cataloguing information on weed, pest, pathogen and plant health risks to new Zealand's export/import trade, primary industries, urban environments, and natural ecosystems,
  • Supporting overseas trade and access to overseas markets,
  • Conservation and ecology — documenting and understanding biodiversity, relationships between organisms, and the ecosystem services that our biota provides,
  • Biogeorgraphy — understanding the current and past distribution of flora, fauna and fungal species.

<em>Melicytus alpinus</em>. Image - Peter Heenan
Allan Herbarium (CHR)

The Allan Herbarium contains species from around the world but specialises in indigenous and exotic plants of the New Zealand region and the South Pacific.

International Collection of Microorganisms from Plants (ICMP)

Major international collection of living cultures for plant associated bacteria sourced globally, and of fungi from New Zealand and South Pacific

Te Kohinga Harakeke o Aotearoa. National New Zealand Flax Collection

Manaaki Whenua is kaitiaki of a collection of traditional weaving varieties of harakeke (NZ flax, Phormium spp.)

National Nematode Collection of New Zealand (NNCNZ)

The National Nematode Collection of New Zealand is a collection of nematode (roundworm) type specimen from New Zealand and worldwide.

New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC). Ko te Aitanga Pepeke o Aotearoa

NZAC has the most complete coverage of terrestrial invertebrates of all the collections held in New Zealand.

New Zealand Fungarium (PDD)

New Zealand Fungarium (PDD) is the primary source of information on the fungi of New Zealand and of Pacific countries.

Image collections

Collections of images from our invertebrate & plant systematics work.

The Tī Kōuka (cabbage tree) plantation

Manaaki Whenua has set up a trial to investigate the nature of genetic differences between wild populations of Tī Kōuka (cabbage trees, Cordyline australis).