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Adélie penguin research

Antarctica is one of the last places in the world where animals can be studied in a habitat still largely unmodified by man. It is thought that data on changes to penguin populations may reflect the impacts that humans and natural factors, like climate change, may be having on the marine ecosystem.

MothNet: Shedding light on the night
Ahi Pepe | MothNet

Ahi Pepe MothNet is a citizen science project that aims to engage teachers, students and whānau with moths, and through moths with nature and science.

Biological control (biocontrol) of weeds

Biocontrol of weeds is an exciting topic for science education at both the primary and secondary levels. The background information and lessons below can help you meet learning objectives in the Living World and Nature of Science strands of the science curriculum.

The Chocolate Fish Index
Featherd fun

Activities and resources related to the Garden Bird Survey, including quizzes, competitions, masks, and videos.

The Garden Bird Survey
Garden Bird Survey

Birds are important indicators of the health of New Zealand’s environment, and to help us discover and learn more about NZ garden birds, participate in this citizen science project.

Jacobea vulgaris
Great Weeds Hunt Aotearoa

‘The Great Weeds Hunt Aotearoa’ will give students, whanau and communities the tools to find and identify weeds, with access to weed and biocontrol experts in New Zealand.

Identification keys

Identification keys and guides to invertebrates, algae, fungi and plants.

<em>Xyridacma alectoraria</em> (male). Image - B Rhode
Insects & spiders of Aotearoa / New Zealand

These pages are especially for primary students of years 2-6 and their teachers, providing information about the insects and spiders found in New Zealand/Aotearoa in an easy-to-use forma, and general information on insects and spiders suitable for levels 2 and 3 of the Science curriculum.

Quiz: Māori bird names

How well do you know your Māori bird names?

Quiz: Māori knowledge and uses of fungi

This quiz focusses on Māori knowledge and uses of fungi - along with some fascinating fungal facts. See how you do!

Story of Tūī

Did you know that kōkō is the traditional name for tūī? This name is still preferred by many native speakers. Here we explore the origin and significance of some of the different Māori and English names for this bird.

What is this bug?

Straightforward online identification key to common invertebrates of New Zealand.