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Survey: the future of primary industry in New Zealand

Published: 25 June 2013 - by Pike Brown

Landcare Research is conducting a survey on the future of primary industry in NZ, in conjunction with UMR research.

What will New Zealand farming, forestry, and growing operations look like in 50 years? Landcare Research is surveying the views and management practices of rural decision makers to gain insights into the future.

The anonymous survey seeks to provide a better understanding of the priorities and challenges faced by rural industries, according to Landcare Research senior economist Pike Brown.

“It will be conducted in all regions in New Zealand and the results will highlight different land uses within regions and different management practices for the same land use across regions,” says Pike.

“The information provided by the survey will help the government and industry groups find better ways to promote prosperity in New Zealand's rural heart.”

The survey results will be available online in October so participants can compare their responses with those of others.
Landcare Research will make a donation for each survey completed. So far, over $5000 has been donated to organisations such as CanTeen, the Red Cross, and the NZ for society for surveys completed in Canterbury, Southland, and Waikato.


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