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Published: 1 October 2012 - by Emily Weeks

Agricultural landscape

Agricultural landscape

The National Land Resources Centre is conducting a short survey of the types of training / professional development in the land resources field that you currently access, or which would be of value to you.

The National Land Resource Centre (NLRC) is a new centre established by Landcare Research that has the goal of enabling businesses, government, researchers and the public to understand, effectively use, and enhance New Zealand’s land resources.

The NLRC provides access to authoritative land resource data and information from a variety of sources and providers (

A key aim of the NLRC is to provide on-going training and professional development opportunities for those working in the land resource sector. The first step is to identify capacity-building opportunities the Centre could provide. The NLRC is therefore conducting a short survey of the types of professional development opportunities that are available or would be of value.

To complete the survey please go to Alternatively, you can provide feedback by visiting the website

Survey closes on October 26th 2012.


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