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Our new science structure

Published: 24 July 2012 - by Andrew Trevelyan

A new science framework to align research with users’ needs.

We have adopted a new science framework to ensure our research is well aligned with users’ needs.

Our new structure stems from the Government’s 2010 CRI Taskforce Review that determined that Landcare Research was responsible for achieving four National Outcomes relating to:

  • measuring, managing and protecting terrestrial biodiversity;
  • the sustainable use of land resources and their ecosystem services;
  • measuring and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from the land;
  • and helping industries and organisations develop within environmental limits.

Ten new science portfolios – clusters of research projects that have a common purpose – have been created.

The portfolios have been designed to achieve the four Outcomes by helping to understand the status and trends for each challenge, or by developing management solutions.

The ten portfolios are:

  • Defining Land Biota
  • Measuring Biodiversity Change
  • Managing Biodiversity
  • Managing Invasive Weeds, Pests & Diseases
  • Enhancing Policy Development
  • Characterising Land Resources
  • Understanding Ecosystem Services & Limits
  • Realising Land’s Potential
  • Measuring Greenhouse Gas & Carbon Storage
  • Supporting Trade

In developing the ten portfolios we consulted extensively with key stakeholders, particularly organisations that use our research.

“The portfolios will be the focal point for interacting with key partners,” says Landcare Research Chief Executive, Dr Richard Gordon. “They have been designed to be dynamic, flexible and responsive to end-users’ needs.”


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