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Indicator details

This includes fleet vehicle usage, rental car usage (both national and international), and domestic taxi use as charged thorough our official suppliers. 

To simplify our sustainability reporting and monitoring and more closely align it with CarboNZero programme requirements we link revenue as our activity measure to GHG emissions. 

Data required:

  • travel per $m revenue (separate figures for domestic air, international air and motor vehicles
  • total kilometres travelled (domestic, international air travel)
  • total motor vehicle kilometres
  • targets for domestic and international air travel
  • comment on performance against 2015/16 targets

 Travel (kms) per $m revenue

  Kms per $m revenue
  Target Actual % over/ under target
International Air - kms 61,170 39,934 -35%

Domestic Air - kms

29,617 26,620 -10%

Motor Vehicle Travel - kms

9,241 7,069 -24%

In 2016 staff travelled a total of 4.2 million kms in 2016, a reduction of 1.6 million kms compared with 2015

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