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New or improved products, processes and services

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  • Products’ are articles of substance produced by manufacture or other means (eg new plant cultivars, improved instrumentation, or new materials), or objects which otherwise embed information (e.g. software, plans, blueprints).
  • Processes’ comprise operational systems for supplying or realising products (eg frozen storage processes for food products, tests for diseases, substance extraction processes). These should represent new or significantly enhanced methods that can be implemented by a user.
  • Services’ are activities necessary for the management of organisations, systems, products and processes (broadly defined), including policy advice. Activities include the provision of technical support (eg advice, opinion) which should result in some substantive outcome (eg a problem resolved, decision–making criteria implemented). A range of activities, from a one–off assistance to regular on–going help support, may apply (e.g. giving technical advice to support an organisation’s policy or strategic objectives).
  • New’ or ‘improved’ is demonstrated by previous unavailability, ability to provide additional value to users, originality and/or advancement in knowledge, functionality, application or technology.

If intellectual property protection has been obtained, include it once only under ‘Patents granted’.

New or improved products, processes or services

For year ending 30th June 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Processes 7 1 10 4 0
Services 56 16 33 31 23
Products 7 13 30 29 17
TOTAL 70 30 73 64 40

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