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FNZ 10 - Tubulifera (Insecta: Thysanoptera) - Abstract

Mound, LA; Walker, AK 1986. Tubulifera (Insecta: Thysanoptera). Fauna of New Zealand 10, 144 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; ISBN 0-477-06784-0 (print), ). Published 22 Sep 1986


Sixty-eight species of Tubulifera in 29 genera are recorded from New Zealand, including the following new taxa: Cryptothrips okiwiensis; Heptathrips cottieri, H. cumberi, H. kuscheli, H. tillyardi; Nesothrips alexandrae, N. pintadus; Ozothrips tubulatus, O. vagus; Apterygothrips collyerae, A. kohai, A. sparsus, A. viretum; Azaleothrips neatus; Deplorothrips bassus; Haplothrips salicorniae; Hoplandrothrips choritus, H. ingenuus, H. vernus; Hoplothrips anobii, H. kea, H. oudeus; Lissothrips dentatus, L. dugdalei, L. gersoni; Podothrips orarius, P. turangi; Psalidothrips moeone, P. tane, P. taylori; Yarnkothrips kolourus. Seventeen species have been introduced to New Zealand from Australia, but only 8 species appear to have been introduced from other parts of the world. Two New Zealand species are now widespread elsewhere, Aesothrips propinquus and Hoplothrips semicaecus. Thus, 43 of the 68 species of Tubulifera appear to be endemic to New Zealand - a higher proportion than in the Terebrantia. Two subfamilies are recognised, the Idolothripinae and Phlaeothripinae; the available tribal classification of the second group is discussed and rejected. The text includes notes on distribution and biology, and discusses life histories, phylogeny, morphology, and technical methods. A key to taxa is given, and the descriptive notes are supported by some 300 illustrations.

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