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FNZ 13 - Encyrtidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) - Abstract

Noyes, JS 1988. Encyrtidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera). Fauna of New Zealand 13, 192 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 13. ISBN 0-477-02517-X (print), ). Published 09 May 1988


Thirty-five genera and 67 species of Encyrtidae are recorded from New Zealand, including the adjacent subantarctic islands. Of these, four of the genera - Notodusmetia, Odiaglyptus, Zelaphycus, and Zelencyrtus - are new, as are 32 of the species. A further genus and three species are recognised but not named. The following new synonymies are proposed: Kakaoburra with Subprionomitus; Anarhopus and Zealandencyrtus with Tetracnemoidea; Quaylea aliena and Cerchysius whittieri with Coccidoctonus dubius; Litomastix maculata with Copidosoma floridanum; Eucomys proserpinensis and E. hortensis with Encyrtus infelix, Eucomys argenticoxa, E. hibisci, E aurantifasciata, and E. argentiscapus with Encyrtus lecaniorum; and Antipodencyrtus procellosus and Zealandencyrtus yasumatsui with Tetracnemoidea bicolor. Five new combinations are proposed: Copidosoma floridanum, Subprionomitus angeliconini, Subprionomitus ferus, Tetracnemoidea sydneyensis, and Zelaphycus aspidioti. A lectotype is designated for Cheiloneurus gonatopodis, and the subtribe Mayridiina is given tribal status. The text includes a diagnosis of the Encyrtidae; a summary of the biology and life history of the family; notes on the use of encyrtids in biological control in New Zealand; methods of collecting and preserving encyrtids; a discussion of the probable origins and distribution of the New Zealand fauna; keys to the genera and species; descriptions or redescriptions of all the taxa; notes on their systematic relationship with taxa in other parts of the world; notes on the distribution of each species; and, where available, information on their hosts. Sufficient illustrations are included to facilitate recognition of taxa and discrimination of diagnostic characters.

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