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FNZ 15 - Ambositrinae (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Diapriidae) - Abstract

Naumann, ID 1988. Ambositrinae (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Diapriidae). Fauna of New Zealand 15, 168 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 15. ISBN 0-477-02535-8 (print), ). Published 30 Dec 1988


The genera and species of Ambositrinae occurring in New Zealand are described and illustrated, and the known distribution of all species is mapped. Keys to the subfamilies of Diapriidae and the genera of Ambositrinae occurring in New Zealand are given. The phylogeny of the world genera of Ambositrinae, modifications of the first post-petiolar tergite, wing reduction, biology, and host associations are discussed. An abnormally developed cyclopic male is described. The biogeographical relationships of New Zealand's Ambositrinae are reviewed in the context of continental drift theory. Speciation and present-day distributions of species within New Zealand are explained by reference to Tertiary changes in land area and glaciation. Four genera are redescribed: Pantolytomyia Dodd, 1915; Diphoropria Kieffer, 1905; Parabetyla Brues, 1922; Betyla Cameron, 1889 (=Tanyzonus Marshall, 1892). Three new genera - Archaeopria, Maoripria, Zealaptera - are erected. Parabetyla spinosa Brues, 1922 and Betyla fulva Cameron, 1889 (=Tanyzonus bolitophilae Marshall, 1892) are redescribed, and 33 new species are described: Archaeopria eriodes, A. pelor, A. pristina; Pantolytomyia flocculosa, P. tungane, P. takere, P. polita, P. insularis, P. wairua, P. taurangi; Diphoropria sinuosa, D. kuscheli; Maoripria verticillata, M. annettae, M. earlyi, M. masneri; Parabetyla tika, P. pipira, P. ngarara, P. pokorua, P. nauhea, P. tahi; Zealaptera chambersi; Betyla prosedera, B. auriger, B. thegalea, B. rangatira, B. karamea, B. eupepla, B. tuatara, B. wahine, B. paparoa, B. midas. Unassociated males representing 2 species of Maoripria, 2 species of Parabetyla, and 7 species of Betyla are diagnosed briefly.

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