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FNZ 18 - Chalcidoidea (Insecta: Hymenoptera) - Introduction, and review of smaller families - Abstract

Noyes, JS; Valentine, EW 1989. Chalcidoidea (Insecta: Hymenoptera) - introduction, and review of smaller families. Fauna of New Zealand 18, 96 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 18. ISBN 0-477-02545-5 (print), ). Published 02 Aug 1989


A key is presented to the fifteen families of Chalcidoidea and the one of Mymarommatoidea known from New Zealand. Each family is characterised by a brief diagnosis. Where necessary, the known New Zealand genera of twelve families - viz Agaonidae, Aphelinidae, Chalcididae, Elasmidae, Eupelmidae, Eurytomidae, Perilampidae, Rotoitidae, Signiphoridae, Torymidae, Trichogrammatidae, and Mymarommatidae - are keyed. Each genus is diagnosed, and illustrated with a line drawing of at least one representative species. Notes are provided on distribution and hosts, and the known host associations of the New Zealand chalcidoid fauna are summarised in appendix tables. Species are placed in forty-three established genera and in a new genus proposed in the Trichogrammatidae. Bardylis Howard and Dahmsiella Hayat are synonymised with Pteroptrix Westwood (Aphelinidae).

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