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FNZ 25 - Cercopidae (Insecta: Homoptera) - Abstract

Hamilton, KGA; Morales, CF 1992. Cercopidae (Insecta: Homoptera). Fauna of New Zealand 25, 40 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 25. ISBN 0-477-02636-2 (print), ). Published 25 May 1992


Fifteen species of spittlebug in four genera are recorded from New Zealand, including the following new taxa: Basilioterpa bullata n.gen. & sp. from the Three Kings Islands, Carystoterpa aurata n.sp., C. chelyon n.sp., C. ikana n.sp., C. maori n.sp., C. minima n.sp., C. minor n.sp., and C. vagan s n.sp. from mainland localities. All but the recently introduced Philaenus spumarius (Linnaeus) are endemic. Four related species on more distant islands are known: Basilioterpa fasciata (Evans) n.comb. and B. pallida (Evans) n.comb. from Lord Howe Island, Carystoterpa xenobilis Hamilton from New Caledonia, and C. fusiformis n.sp. from Norfolk Island. The last-named species, although extralimital, is described here for convenience in view of its close relationship to New Zealand taxa. The text includes notes on distribution and biology. A key to taxa is given, collection localities are mapped, and the descriptions are supported by 57 illustrations.

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