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FNZ 4 - Eriophyoidea except Eriophyinae (Arachnida: Acari)

Manson, DCM 1984. Eriophyoidea except Eriophyinae (Arachnida: Acari). Fauna of New Zealand 4, 144 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 04. ISBN 0-477-06745-X (print), ). Published 12 Nov 1984


A total of 49 species of eriophyoid mites are described and figured. This total comprises the 17 species hitherto known from New Zealand and 32 newly recorded ones, 25 of which are new to science. They are grouped into 3 families, 6 subfamilies, and 31 genera.

There are 12 new genera, as follows: Diptilomiopinae - Brevulacus, Dacundiopus, Lambella, Levonga; Cecidophyinae - Chrecidus; Nothopodinae - Pangacarus; Phyllocoptinae - Arectus, Litaculus, Nothacus, Parulops, Pedaculops, Rectalox.

Three new combinations are proposed: Diptilomiopinae - Lambella cerina; Phyllocoptinae - Aculops gaultheriae, Aculops haloragis.

The text includes a brief historical review of the superfamily and notes on mounting techniques, morphology, life cycle, classification, and economic importance. Host-plant records are listed for each mite species, and the mites (including eriophyines) recorded from each known host plant are listed in an appendix.

The 6 genera and 60 species of subfamily Eriophyinae are keyed, described, and illustrated in Fauna of New Zealand number 5, where also a taxonomic index to both numbers 4 and 5 may be found.

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