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FNZ 8 - Calliphoridae (Insecta: Diptera) - Abstract

Dear, JP 1986. Calliphoridae (Insecta: Diptera). Fauna of New Zealand 8, 88 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 08. ISBN 0-477-06764-6 (print), ). Published 24 Feb 1986


New Zealand's Calliphoridae are revised. Keys are given to genera and species, and characters of diagnostic and systematic importance are illustrated. All taxa are fully described, and (where known) reference is made to their biology. The 7 genera included contain 54 species, of which 31 - 27 in Pollenia and 4 in Xenocalliphora - are new. Huttonophasia Curran, 1927 is synonymised under genus Pollenia Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830. Pollenia demissa var. minor Malloch, 1930 is absorbed into P. demissa (Hutton, 1901). Calliphora rufipalpis Macquart, 1851 becomes a junior synonym of Xenocalliphora hortona (Walker, 1849). Two new combinations are proposed: Gymnophania pernix Hutton, 1901 is transferred to Pollenia; and Calliphora flavipes Lamb, 1909 is moved into Xenocalliphora. Three names - Pollenia atrifemur Malloch, 1930, Pollenia demissa var. cuprea Malloch, 1930, and Calliphora nothocalliphoralis Miller, 1939 - are considered to be of uncertain identity. Lectotypes are designated for 10 nominal species: Calliphora hilli Patton, 1925; Calliphora dasyphthalma Le Guillou, 1842 (and Macquart, 1843); Pollenia auronotata Macquart, 1855; Sepimentum fumosum Hutton, 1901; Calliphora antipodea Hutton, 1902; Calliphora eudypti Hutton, 1902; Calliphora rufipalpis Macquart, 1851; and Calliphora aureopunctata Macquart, 1855. Sections by contributing authors cover three topics: immature stages and life history (B.A. Holloway); fly strike (A.C.G. Heath); and rearing (Pritam Singh). A note by K. Rognes reports the occurrence of two Pollenia species in the rudis-group, apparently recently introduced from the Northern Hemisphere.

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