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FNZ 9 - Protura (Insecta) - Abstract

Tuxen, SL 1986. Protura (Insecta). Fauna of New Zealand 9, 52 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 09. ISBN 0-477-06765-4 (print), ). Published 24 Feb 1986


Sixteen species of Protura in ten genera are recognised from New Zealand, of which seven species and two genera are new to science. Fifteen species are fully described and illustrated; the sixteenth, known from a single immature specimen, is of indeterminate identity. Keys are given to the families of Protura and to the species known from New Zealand. The morphology and diagnostic characters of proturans are reviewed in some detail, and illustrated with scanning electron micrographs, as a further aid to identification. The known distribution of the species recorded here, and their systematic affinities, suggest a Gondwana origin for all but a few that are clearly recent introductions from Europe. Brief mention is made of the history of study of Protura in New Zealand, their life cycle and biology, and techniques used in their collection, preparation, and study.

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