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National Nematode Collection of New Zealand (NNCNZ)

The National Nematode Collection of New Zealand is a collection of nematode (roundworm) type specimen from New Zealand and worldwide. Samples are generally used by researchers for nematode taxonomic studies and identification.

The National Nematode Collection of New Zealand (NNCNZ) was established in 1971 at the Entomology Division of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Nelson (Wouts 1973a). It was moved to Auckland when the Entomology Division was transferred there in September 1973. In 1992 the collection became a component of the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC), in the Crown Research Institute Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd, as part of a restructuring of research and amalgamation of various taxonomic activities.

Earlier lists of specimens in the NNCNZ were published in 1972, 1973 and 1996 (Wouts & Yeates 1972; Wouts 1973a, Wouts 1996).  In the 1973 paper an historical perspective was presented. At that time the collection contained all but two of the 82 holotypes ever assigned to nematodes from New Zealand.  The holotype of Iotonchus basidontus Clark, 1960 could not be located, and the holotype of Radopholus nativus Sher, 1968 was in the nematode collection of the University of California, Riverside, California.

By 1996 Tylencholaimus chathami Yeates, 1979 had been lost in transit (G.W. Yeates, pers. comm.) and the holotype of Aranimermis giganteus Poinar & Early, 1990 had been deposited in the National Museum of New Zealand, Wellington.

Subsequently five newly described species from New Zealand had their holotypes deposited in the nematode collection of the University of California: Antarctylus humus Sher, 1973 at Riverside, and Nothocriconema pasticum Raski & Pinochet, 1976, N. spinicaudatum Raski & Pinochet, 1976, Blandicephalonema serratum Mehta & Raski, 1971, and B. pilatum Mehta & Raski, 1971 at Davis.

Since 1996 the slides of Tetleyus clarki Egunjobi, 1968b, Tylenchus areolatus Egunjobi, 1968b and T. neozealandicus Egunjobi, 1968b have become irreparably damaged and no specimens can now be found on them. Paratypes of Aranimermis giganteus Poinar & Early, 1990 are present in the NNCNZ but are not listed below because they are in vials and not on slides like the other material.

In the 40 years of its existence the Collection has steadily grown through contributions by W.C. Clark, G.W. Yeates and W.M. Wouts. Minor contributions were also made by, among others, D. Sturhan and students of W.C. Clark, D.A. Wharton and myself.  With the retirement of G.W. Yeates in 2009, the type material of species described by him, deposited at the Nematology Department, Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Herts, England (Wouts & Yeates 1972), has now been accommodated in the New Zealand collection.

The NNCNZ at present contains 178 holotypes of New Zealand species and 19 holotypes of species from elsewhere. Each nematode species held in the NNCNZ on 31 May 2010 is listed, with the author, sex of the holotype, amount of paratype material, and NNCNZ numbers.