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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Invertebrate Diagnostic Services

Samples suitable for identification include: invertebrates in the New Zealand region of beetles; moths and butterflies; wasps, ants, parasitoid wasps; stick insects, orthopteroids; true bugs; mites; nematodes; and earthworms. We cannot provide services for: flies; scale insects; aphids; mealybugs; thrips; booklice; freshwater invertebrates; invertebrate larvae or maggots.

Costs of identification

Prices are excluding GST. Price per specimen unless indicated.

General public

  • Casual identification from a photo sent via members of the public has no charge.

Commercial and agency users

  • $250 per hour plus GST (minimum charge one hour).
  • Molecular sequences: $360, with each subsequent sample in the same test $200.
  • Other quotations are supplied on request.

Delivery of Results

Standard sample turnaround time is 2‐10 working days; however this may vary with the nature of the request, the urgency of the request, and availability of staff. Results will be provided in written format to the client on completion of the project. Digital copies of the data are retained by Landcare Research for records purposes. Sample may be accessioned to one of the aforementioned collections in concurrence with accessioning policy.

Diagnostics Services Manager