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Biodiversity - Data Federation

The Biodiversity component of IDA was focused on improving primary biodiversity data use for species modelling and specifically for supporting indicators for species occupancy.

IDA contributed to improved data access, data integration and quality control of primary biodiversity data. The work plan was designed primarily to support existing initiatives.

New Zealand is a signatory to the intergovernmental Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). The aim of GBIF is to provide free and open access to biodiversity data through a standards-based data-sharing network.

The IDA project contributed to establishing robust, on-demand data-access to the data held in several national biological collections. Data are harvested both by GBIF and the Australasian Virtual Herbarium, as part of the Atlas of Living Australia).

We developed enhancements to the New Zealand Organisms Register (NZOR) for resolving issues about taxonomic names and synonyms that are also used as part of the internal data-ingestion and integration pipeline within NZOR.

We developed new systems for geo-validation and geo-coordinate translation. (Not publicly available)

We contributed to the rOpenSci community development of software packages for biodata-processing and we also developed a customised data-integration re-useable pipeline for processing non-public data from the National Vegetation Survey Databank (NVS), the threatened species data from DOC’s BioWeb database, and the iNaturalist Citizen Science platform.

Outputs from this IDA component included re-developed, data-access end-points for biological collections/databases and IDA -- a myrtaceae pipeline (public access data only) implemented using the GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit.