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Landcare Research's Soils Portal has just got better

Published: 26 May 2016 - by Jim Payne

The Soils Portal

The Soils Portal

The Soils Portal is your launch pad to soils information collected and managed by Landcare Research.

The Landcare Research soils portal puts at your fingertips the knowledge and experience of years of soil science research and development conducted in New Zealand, and the Antarctic. Understanding the nuances of soil data is not always easy. The soils portal makes it easy, summarizing what the data means, how it was collected and for what purposes it’s appropriate.

Understand how we:

  • Classify soils here and internationally
  • Map soils nationally and regionally
  • Have evolved our methodologies

Soils Portal enhancements

  • Now designed to work on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms
  • Refreshed content gives you access to the latest information about NZ soil
  • Easier to navigate

Access our key soil data services


National Soils Database access just got better …

NZDR - the National Soils Data Repository

The National Soils Data Repository (NSDR) is the place to go to access the National Soils Database.

  • Reports have improved content and readability, data visualizations and interactive locality maps
  • New search functionality available in the NSDR Viewer
  • Search by soil classification, land use, date ranges, and maps

SoilsMapViewer has just got better too…

Soils Maps Viewer
  • Our interactive soils map view has been re-designed making it easier to view maps and related information about New Zealand soils
  • Access to 3 keystone national datasets of soil and land resources
  • Almost 100 different map layers representing various soil types, soil properties and soil attributes
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop functionality; query our data from any device

Tell us what you think!

We’re passionate about the Soils Portal and have already started planning the next version.Any feedback, positive and negative, would be greatly appreciated by contacting the Soils Portal team through:

Jim Payne:


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