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FNZ 31 - Talitridae (Crustacea: Amphipoda) - Abstract

Duncan, KW 1994. Talitridae (Crustacea: Amphipoda). Fauna of New Zealand 31, 128 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 31. ISBN 0-478-04533-6 (print), ). Published 07 Oct 1994


Twenty-six species of terrestrial Talitridae (landhoppers) are described and figured from the New Zealand region; all but one are endemic. The species are grouped into seven genera, of which five are new - Kanikania, Makawe, Puhuruhuru, Tara, and Waematau. There are 12 new species - Kanikania motuensis, Makawe waihekensis, M. otamatuakeke, Tara taranaki, T. hauturu, Waematau manawatahi, W. reinga, W. kaitaia, W. unuwhao, W. muriwhenua, Parorchestia ihurawao, and Puhuruhuru aotearoa. Parorchestia stewarti longicornis is raised to specific status as P. longicornis. Proposed new combinations are Kanikania improvisa, K. rubroannulata, Makawe hurleyi, M. insularis, M. maynei, M. parva, Tara simularis, T. sinbadensis, and Puhuruhuru patersoni. The previously synonymised species Orchestia (Parorchestia) sylvicola (Dana) is resurrected in a new combination as Tara sylvicola. One introduced species, Arcitalitrus sylvaticus, is described. Notes are given on ecology, biogeography, and collecting techniques.

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