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FNZ 35 - Pentatomoidea (Heteroptera) - Abstract

Larivière, M-C 1995. Cydnidae, Acanthosomatidae, and Pentatomidae (Insecta: Heteroptera): systematics, geographical distribution, and bioecology. Fauna of New Zealand 35, 112 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 35. ISBN 0-478-09301-2 (print), ). Published 23 Nov 1995


New Zealand's sixteen species of Pentatomoidea - representing the families Cydnidae, Acanthosomatidae, and Pentatomidae - are revised. A neotype is designated for Hypsithocus hudsonae Bergroth, and a lectotype is designated for Choerocydnus nigrosignatus F.B. White. All taxa are keyed and described, with information on synonymy, type data, material examined, geographical distribution, bioecology, and economic importance. Illustrations of important structural features, habitus drawings of the adults, and distribution maps are provided. Last-instar nymphs are described and illustrated. Comments on biodiversity and conservation values and graphs of phenological trends are provided for most of the species.

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