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FNZ 44 - Lycosidae (Arachnida: Araneae) - Abstract

Vink, CJ 2002. Lycosidae (Arachnida: Araneae). Fauna of New Zealand 44, 94 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 44. ISBN 0-478-09347-0 (print), ). Published 23 Dec 2002


The 27 species of Lycosidae found in New Zealand are revised with one new genus and 14 new species. Allotrochosina Roewer, 1960 includes A. schauinslandi Simon, 1889. Anoteropsis L. Koch, 1878 includes: A. adumbrata (Urquhart, 1887), A. aerescens (Goyen, 1887) (=Lycosa maura Urquhart, 1892 and Lycosa albovestita Dalmas, 1917, new synonymies), A. alpina sp. nov., A. arenivaga (Dalmas, 1917), A. blesti sp. nov., A. canescens (Goyen, 1887), A. cantuaria sp. nov., A. flavescens L. Koch, 1878, A. forsteri sp. nov., A. hallae sp. nov., A. hilaris (L. Koch, 1877) (=Lycosa umbrata L. Koch, 1877, Pardosa vicaria L. Koch, 1877, Lycosa taylori Goyen, 1887, Lycosa tremula Simon, 1899, Lycosa virgatella Roewer, 1951, and Lycosa subantarctica Forster, 1964, new synonymies), A. insularis sp. nov., A. lacustris sp. nov., A. litoralis sp. nov., A. montana sp. nov., A. okatainae sp. nov, A. ralphi (Simon, 1905) (=Lycosa turbida Simon, 1905, Lycosa retiruga Simon, 1905, and Lycosa algida Simon, 1905, new synonymies), A. senica (L. Koch, 1877) (=Lycosa goyeni Roewer, 1951, new synonymy), A. urquharti (Simon, 1898), and A. westlandica sp. nov. Artoria Thorell, 1877 includes: A. hospita sp. nov., A. segrega sp. nov., and A. separata sp. nov. Geolycosa Montgomery, 1904 includes G. tongatabuensis (Strand, 1911). Notocosa gen. nov. includes N. bellicosa Goyen, 1888. Venatrix Roewer, 1960 includes V. goyderi (Hickman, 1944). All genera and species are described, with information on synonymy, type data, material examined, geographical distribution, and subfamilial status. Habitus images of adults, illustrations of important structural features, and distribution maps are provided. A key to adults is given. A phylogenetic analysis examining the relationships of species in the genus Anoteropsis is presented and contains significant phylogenetic structure.

Keywords. Arachnida, Araneae, Lycosidae, New Zealand, wolf spiders, classification, distribution, ecology, biology, new genus, new species, keys.

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