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FNZ 52 - Raphignathoidea (Acari: Prostigmata) - Abstract

Fan, Q-H; Zhang, Z-Q 2005. Raphignathoidea (Acari: Prostigmata). Fauna of New Zealand 52, 400 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 52. ISBN 0-478-09371-3 (print), ). Published 20 May 2005


Raphignathoid mites

The mite superfamily Raphignathoidea (Acari: Prostigmata) is comprehensively revised. Keys to world families and genera of Raphignathoidea are included. The taxonomy, biology, and ecology of world Raphignathoidea are briefly reviewed. 76 species belonging to 20 genera and 5 families recognised as occurring in New Zealand, are diagnosed, keyed, and described. Known stages (if specimens available) of New Zealand raphignathoid species are described and illustrated with line drawings, and notes are provided on the taxonomic references, habitats, and distribution of each species.

The following 21 species are described as new: Tycherobius aotearoa, Mecognatha parilis, Mecognatha rara, Raphignathus atomatus, Raphignathus crustus, Agistemus mecotrichus, Eustigmaeus eburneus, Eustigmeaus edentatus, Eustigmaeus ptilosetus, Mediolata delicata, Mediolata polylocularis, Mediolata whenua, Mediolata woodi, Mediolata xerxes, Mediolata zonaria, Mullederia procurrens, Mullederia scutellaris, Pseudostigmaeus schizopeltatus, Storchia hendersonae, Zetzellia biscutata, and Zetzellia spiculosa. A new genus, Scutastigmaeus gen. n., is described. The following 3 new combinations are proposed for three species that were previously placed in Stigmaeus: Scutastigmaeus confusus (Wood), Scutastigmaeus longisetis (Wood), and Scutastigmaeus montanus (Wood).

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