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Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd (E-MS) provides certification credibility for environmental performance of businesses and is best known for the CEMARS, carboNZero and Enviro-Mark programmes. It has clients in five countries, especially New Zealand and the UK, with over 400 organisations and 500 products benefiting from the programmes. Enviro-Mark Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landcare Research Ltd. It was established as a stand-alone business in 2011 but has ten years’ experience in servicing NZ and UK businesses. Enviro-Mark Solutions is accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ), and also licensed by the UK Environment Agency and accredited by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The services offered are widely recognised to be among the most robust and credible tools available globally. They enable organisations to improve their sustainable business practices, understand their carbon footprint, work towards carbon neutrality and implement robust environmental management systems. Through its service to New Zealand businesses, E-MS contributes to Landcare Research delivering on Outcome 4 (Development within Environmental Limits).Through all of its programmes and services, E-MS adds value to its customers through giving credibility to performance claims, through cost savings and efficiencies, building capability, improving systems, changing culture and inspiring innovation.

Enviro-Mark Solutions will maintain a clear market, geography and sector focus to grow its market presence. Strategic relationships form an integral part of the business model, especially in respect of client auditing and overseas growth. Relationships will be strengthened or initiated in order to extend the range and value of services available to customers. Our recent focus on software development solutions will support scaling the business for growth. Growth will be targeted in international markets where governments and businesses are responding to compliance and voluntary developments arising from the 2015 Paris Climate Change agreements. Through international engagement E-MS will also maintain at a high level its knowledge of, influence on and alignment with global standards and initiatives such as the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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Enviro-Mark Solutions provides a number of other related environmental services including training, audit against the relevant standards, development of specific greenhouse gas calculators and emissions factors, assessment of integrity of carbon credits, and supply chain assessment for carbon and environmental impact.

The CEMARS and carboNZero certification programmes have been assessed through independent research undertaken by the University of Toronto as being best in class in the world as carbon programmes and in the top 20 of all types of eco-label.

While Enviro-Mark Solutions is a standalone company with separate premises in Auckland, it shares facilities and resources at our Lincoln and Wellington sites; it follows the same accounting and general business, good employer and EEO practices and processes as the parent company.

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