Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Milestones for Landcare Research’s strategic focus (see section 3)

  • Increasing the value of our science: Develop at least two integrated research projects spanning environmental, social, economic and cultural elements of natural resource management.
  • Enhancing environmental information: Incorporate our research methodologies and datasets into at least two environmental indicators and support at least one major national policy initiative and/or Environmental Standard.
  • Improving freshwater management: Inform at least two processes under the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management through our research and models.
  • Sustainable primary sector growth: Initiate at least one major new partnership and/or joint programme.
  • Implementing Vision Mātauranga: Initiate at least one new major partnership and/or joint programme with Māori entities and agri-business.
  • BioHeritage Challenge: As a host, successfully fulfil all governance and support unit responsibilities.
  • Lincoln Hub: MOU (or equivalent) signed with at least two private sector entities for joint R&D activities.

Additional indicators covering operational areas such as good employer, health and safety, and our environmental performance can be found on our website:

Indicator Measure 2014/15
2016/17 Target
End user collaboration Revenue per FTE from commercial sources ($000s)1 $51.5 >$55
Research collaboration
Percentage of papers co-authored1 ‒ total
Co-authored with other New Zealand organisations
Overseas co-authors
Both New Zealand and overseas co-authors
Technology and knowledge
Commercial reports per scientist FTE1 0.88 0.80
Availability of data from our MBIE Strategic Funding of biological Collections and information systems (assessed by a variety of metrics appropriate to each; metrics online) Refer 2015
annual report
Increasing trends
Response rate for requests to for our MBIE Strategic Funding of biological Collections and associated infrastructure (specimen transactions, identifications, visits) 96–100% service delivery >95%
New and improved products, processes and services 60 40
Presentations to stakeholders and community groups 278 260
Science quality Impact of scientific publications (mean citation score)1 3.0 2.9–3.3
Financial indicator Revenue per FTE ($000s)1 $173.8 >175
Stakeholder engagement Percentage of relevant end users who have adopted knowledge and/or technology from Landcare Research2 94% >95%
Percentage of relevant funding partners and other end users that have a high level of confidence in our ability to set research priorities2 72% >75%
Percentage of relevant national and international research providers that have a high level of confidence in our ability to form the best teams to deliver on its Impacts and Outcomes2 92% >90%
Staff invited to participate in stakeholder meetings or workshops 227 230
Number of partnerships with iwi and Māori organisations linking science and mātauranga to Māori goals and aspirations 23 18–23
Commercialisation Number of new and existing licensing deals of Landcare Research-derived IP (including technologies, products and services) 12 7–14
High performance culture Staff engagement in survey evaluations 71.7% >70%
Turnover of key science staff 6.7% 3–5%
Explanatory notes to table:
Footnote [1] Generic indicators as required by MBIE across all CRIs are at the Landcare Research Group level; the rest are at Parent level
Footnote [2] Data provided from the MBIE-commissioned biennial external client survey; next survey 2015/16