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Pūtaiao Issue 3, August 2020

Pūtaiao Issue 3 cover. COVID, carbon and regen ag. Research highlights from a changing world

COVID, carbon and regen ag.  Research highlights from a changing world

Tēnā koe and welcome to the third issue of Pūtaiao (‘science’ in te reo Māori), our quarterly publication showcasing the work of our scientists at Manaaki Whenua.

We are the Crown Research Institute for our land environment, biosecurity, and biodiversity, and our role and responsibility to New Zealand are clear: this land, and everything that shares it with us, is our future.

Each issue of Pūtaiao will share the benefits and impacts of our science in helping ensure a sustainable, productive future for New Zealand. In this issue many of the stories focus on science for our environment – one of our four science ambitions at Manaaki Whenua.

The work we do in this area is increasingly designed to support policymakers, Māori, business and community groups to make decisions on the future uses of our environment, locally, regionally and nationally. To make real progress in environmental management we need reliable data and indicators, decision-making processes that account for complexity and uncertainty, and practical action. We must also balance the needs of multiple stakeholders, including national and local government, the private sector, Māori, and local communities, in making these decisions.

In this issue