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Pare is a Māori word for a carved door lintel.

The pare:

  • is 1.5 x 0.9 m in size;
  • was carved from recycled kauri wood over 100 years old, salvaged from a former coolstore shed at the Port of Auckland in the 1980s;
  • was carved in the style of Ngāti Whātua of the Auckland/Tāmaki Makaurau region by Mr Denis Conway, a student of the late Henare Toka;
  • is over the main doorway entrance to the NZAC insect collection, and was dedicated on 13 February 1990; is unusual in having insects and their relatives (arthropods) depicted on it.

Find the arthropods on the Pare

Move the cursor of your mouse over the Pare. Pause for a short time over each arthropod and you will be shown the name of the arthropod. Click on an arthropod to find information about it.


giant centipede Auckland tree weta New Zealand blue blowfly giraffe weevil striated ant New Zealand giant stag beetle puriri moth common seabird tick plume moth chorus cicada bush giant dragonfly black tunnelweb spider shield bug

The Pare, or carved door lintel, that stands over the entrance to the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC) / Ko te Aitanga Pepeke o Aotearoa at Tamaki, Auckland.

How many arthropods can you find before you check the list? There are 13 in total.