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Striated ant

Pare - striated ant

Pare - striated ant

English name: striated ant

Scientific name: Huberia striata (Smith)
order = Hymenoptera; family = Formicidae

  • is widely distributed throughout Aotearoa / New Zealand, and its offshore islands;
  • nests in the soil, often under stones and in rotting logs;
  • is not encountered as often as the introduced ants, which tend to invade houses and gardens;
  • has a general diet
  • may keep scale insects in its nests, to feed on the honeydew they excrete.
There are less than a dozen species of native ants, probably owing to the early isolation of Aotearoa / New Zealand from other land masses. Most of these have close relatives in other parts of the world, but the genus Huberia, with two species, is unique to this country.