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The Trojan Female Technique

Trojan Female Technique

The Trojan Female Technique (TFT) is a new technology platform being developed for the control of exotic animal and invertebrate pests by causing reductions in pest reproduction.

Keeping on top of pests and their impacts is essential for the health and long-term viability of many of New Zealand’s primary industries. Exotic animal and invertebrate pests already present are estimated to cost the country $885 million p.a. in losses to agricultural output. Also, the country’s border is under constant threat from new incursions, such as the Queensland fruit fly, the marmorated stink bug and the glassy-winged sharpshooter, with incursions requiring effective responses to prevent them from establishing. Alarmingly, however, the toolbox that we currently use to deal with such issues is rooted in the last century, and as a result is frequently limited in the scale over which it can be deployed and/or is under increasing scrutiny due to issues over acceptability or efficacy. 

This project is starting to provide the much needed next generation of tools for the pest control toolbox, with the goal being affordable and acceptable landscape-scale pest control.

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