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Nomenclature Check

Image - P Heenan

Image - P Heenan

Plant names can often be confusing. This is because the same plant may be known by different names, especially as our knowledge about the plants and their relationships with each other improves. Scientific names can also be confusing when different plants have accidentally been given the same name! This service answers questions about scientific plant names.

Examples of questions include:

  • Is this the most up-to-date name for this plant?
  • What other names has this species been called?
  • Could this name have been given to two different species?
  • Do these two names refer to the same species?

Much of this information is available on our website - Ngā Tipu Aotearoa - New Zealand Plants - however this Nomenclature Check service is available for a more in-depth check and is provided by the systematists of the Allan Herbarium.