Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Visiting the Collection

Specimens in the NZAC are available for study by bona fide researchers. Contact the Section Curator of the relevant taxonomic group, or the Head Curator, for information and availability.

Authorisation to use the Collection is required for all visitors (including: other Landcare Research staff, visiting researchers, graduate students). Appointments should be at least two weeks in advance, with a specific date and time. Otherwise NZAC staff may be unavailable.

Visitor access is available Monday-Friday between 9am-4.30pm.  All visitors will be given relevant inductions on health and safety issues, and the appropriate use of NZAC facilities.

Further Information on access, use of the collection, and loan conditions are given in the NZAC Policy document.

The CITES Registration Number for the NZAC is NZ001.

Contact details

Postal Address:

Landcare Research,
Private Bag 92170,
New Zealand

Physical Address:

231 Morrin Rd,
St Johns,
New Zealand


+64-9-574 4100


+64-9-574 4101


  • Dr Thomas Buckley: Invertebrate Research Leader. Collection Director, Section Curator for Phasmatodea
  • Dr Darren Ward: Head Curator, Section Curator for Hymenoptera
  • Mrs Grace Hall: Section Curator for Araneae
  • Dr Robert Hoare: Section Curator for Lepidoptera
  • Dr Marie-Claude Larivière: Section Curator for Hemiptera
  • Dr Rich Leschen: Section Curator for Coleoptera
  • Mrs Svetlana Malysheva: Biosecurity Technican
  • Dr Birgit Rhode: Imaging and Database Manager
  • Dr Sarah Tassell: Collection Manager; Section Curator for Small orders
  • Dr Zhi-Qiang Zhang: Section Curator for Acari
  • Dr Zeng Zhao: Section Curator for Nematoda

Research Associates

  • Dr Trevor K. Crosby; Mr John S. Dugdale; Mr Andrè Larochelle; Dr Peter Maddison; Dr Nick Martin; Mr Dave Seldon; Dr Rudi Schnitzler