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Specimen preparation and curation



These are published in a handbook: Walker, A.K.; Crosby, T.K. 1988. The preparation and curation of insects. New Zealand DSIR information series 163, 92 pages.

The book provides details on the standards used in NZAC for preparing and curating specimens; however, a few sections are no longer relevant, such as how labels are produced and equipment suppliers.

New Zealand Area Codes for recording specimen localities

"Crosby codes"

Crosby et al. (1998) subdivided the New Zealand mainland (North, South, and Stewart Islands, plus nearby inshore islands) into 29 approximately equalsized areas, and defined two-letter codes for each. These areas were modified from the areas used as weather forecast districts by the New Zealand Meteorological Service, and their main purpose was to facilitate the arrangement, retrieval, and documentation of specimens in the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC).

The codes have subsequently been used in other collections, for computer databases, and in publications as a convenient way of categorising specimen data.

Connect to the LRIS portal to view or download the area codes data layer.

There is no charge made to download this data layer, but you do need to register your name and email address and then sign in to access the website information.Check the conditions of use listed in the Licence, and acknowledge the source of the data in all derivative works: "Data reproduced with the permission of Landcare Research New Zealand Limited".

Posting specimens

Guide to preparing for posting by A.C. Harris

Lid with sphagnumMuseum entomologists often receive letters requesting the identification of an insect, the remains of which are spread out on the letter like a Rorschach blot. Consequently, for many years I have requested that members of the public post me specimens by the following method, which is invariably reliable. The insects have always arrived live and in good condition, if the instructions have been followed.     

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