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Freshwater invertebrates guide

This web resource is designed to assist community groups monitoring freshwater invertebrates in New Zealand.

Freshwater invertebrates (insects, crustaceans, snails, worms and other small critters) are often used as indicators of the state of streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. In Auckland alone there are approximately 100 community groups monitoring stream invertebrates under the Wai Care programme, and thousands more school students taking part in stream studies every year in a programme run by Watercare.

If you’ve collected freshwater 'bugs' from your local stream, you’ll hopefully be able to use this site to identify them and learn about what they may reveal about their habitat. Such information can indicate whether a stream should be preserved in its existing good condition, or whether there may be a need for some form of restoration.

The creation of this web resource was funded by the Ministry for the Environment's Community Environment Fund, Auckland Council and Taranaki Regional Council.




Stephen MooreThis website was developed by Stephen Moore, employed at Landcare Research from 2001. Stephen died in July 2013, having courageously battled terminal cancer for several years.

Gifted entomologist, photographer, microscopist, and family man – Stephen was all of these and more. Possessing a boundless energy and enthusiasm, prolific work rate and dedication to the task, Stephen is sorely missed by his colleagues at Landcare Research.

Phil Novis