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URL Website title & content Wilson Bentley Snow Crystal photo collection

I Scream – You Scream – We all Scream for Ice Cream! a lesson plan.
You need to register to use this site. Antarctica
The End of the Earth
Time Machines & Icebergs
Life in the Icebox
Other resources Antarctic Almanac
Links to:
Water World — US examples of expected sea level changes if various Antarctic ice features were to melt
Other resources

Ice in the Solar System
A valuable download for teachers of preschool to Year 8 students, that integrates drama, written language, science history and observation. It includes extensive lists of literature and Internet resources Lessons from the Ice
NZ-based science resource:
Science on Ice 2008 ANDRILL
ANDRILL is a multinational project drilling through ice into bedrock for geological samples. Includes free poster downloads. NZ Science Hub Belgian Polar Platform
Princess Elizabeth Station Polar Eyes
Interactive children’s book about Antarctica from CSIRO International Polar Year
Details polar research (both Arctic and Antarctic) Penguin Science
Documents an American Adelie penguin study being undertaken at Cape Royds Cape Bird and Cape Crozier, Ross Isand, as well as Beaufort Island, in collaboration with Landcare Research.
Funding from National Science Foundation (NSF).
Has a 'penguin cam' for observing penguins in almost real time.
Excellent resource and support with projects including the postcard and flag activities. Last Ocean
Advocacy for the establishment of a Ross Sea Marine Protected Area. CReativity in Science and Technology (CREST)
Contact Jessie McKenzie at the Royal Society of New Zealand (RSNZ).
CREST may be used in conjunction with Futureintech Facilitators, Ambassadors, TNEA and Bright Sparks competition entries or as a stand-alone programme. Bright Sparks
Register for a nationwide competition and mentoring in electronics aimed at Y7–13 students. Bright Sparks is part of the Electro Technology Industry Training Organisation (ETITO). FutureinTech
As part of the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ), FutureinTech helps graduate ambassadors mentor students in a school environment through the Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Award (TNEA) or give one-off presentations about specialty topics to classes.
Contact your local FutureinTech Facilitator. Antarctica New Zealand
Download Field/First Aid Manual
Check out Environmental Stewardship, Environmental Code of Conduct, NZ Legislation
and more... Extreme 2008: A Deep-Sea Aventure
Details Prof. Craig Cary’s voyages to 'black smokers' in ocean trenches, including information about microbial life.

Print media

Title Publisher
Our Endangered Planet: ANTARCTICA By Suzanne Winckler & Mary M. Rogers, 1992.
Cerner Publications, Minneapolis
ISBN 0-8225-2506-2
Shows the position of Roaring Forties & Furious Fifties on a map that includes New Zealand
The Heart of the World: Antarctica By Coral Tulloch, 2003.
Published by ABC Books for Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Excellent graphics and explanations of food webs, salt as sea water freezes, cross sections of the continent, moving ice sheets, history, i.e. Greek Antarktikos
Antarctica: The Frozen Continent By Greg Reid, 2005.
McMillan Educational, Australia
ISBN 0 7329 9724 0
Good maps; website references; Frozen Facts.
The Adelie Penguin: Bellwether of Climate Change By David Ainley, 2002.
Columbia University Press, NY
ISBN 0-231-12306-X
Shackleton’s Captain: a Biography of Frank Worsley By John Thomson, 1998.
Hazard Press, Christchurch New Zealand
ISBN 1-877161-40-3
The World of Gerard Mercator: The Mapmaker Who Revolutionised Geography By Andrew Taylor, 2004.
Harper Collins, Great Britain
ISBN-13 978-0-00-710081-1
Big Thaw: Glacier Retreat National Geographic June 2007, page 56: article about Greenland glaciers
The Crossing of Antarctica: The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58 By Sir Vivian Fuchs and Sir Edmund Hillary, 1958.
Published by Cassell
Antarctic: an Encyclopedia from Abbott Ice-Shelf to Zooplankton Edited by Mary Trewby, 2002. Published by
David Bateman
ISBN 1-86953-453-0
Weather or Not. It's a Climate for Change By Caren Trafford & David Wilsher, 2006.
Published by Etram
ISBN 9780958187831
Climate change.
Flames Destroy Sir Ed's Old Hut NZ Herald, 25/5/2009, pg. 1
Harold Wellman and the Alpine Fault By Ross Galbreath, New Zealand Geographic #41, Jan/Mar1999, pg. 82. Tectonic plate theory.
Secrets from the Icy Depths by Geoff Cumming, New Zealand Herald (Weekend Herald) Sat. 19/1/2008, pg. B4~5
Albatrosses Kiwi Conservation Club # 64 June 2002
Living in the Fridge by A. Penguin Kiwi Conservation Club # 54 June 2000
School Journals Learning media
Pt 1 No. 3 1991 Time Capsule in the Antarctic
Pt 3 No. 1 1991 How Cold is Cold?
Pt 4 No. 1 1990 Southern Quest 1 – An Antarctic Adventure
Pt 4 No. 2 1990 Southern Quest 2 – Shipwrecked in Pack-ice
Pt 4 No. 2 1981 Five Weeks on Ice
Pt 1 No. 4 1988 Snow Houses
NFS 2 Out in the Cold
Pt 1 No. 2 1994 Voyage to the Cold South
Pt 4 No. 3 1990 Southern Quest 3 – Leaving it Clean
Connected Learning media
2, 2005 page 2; Creeping Along by David Hill (glaciers)
3, 2003 page 12; Shooting Through by David Hill (comets and asteroids in our solar system)
2, 2003 pg. 22; A History of Rock by Alan Bagnall (tectonic plates, NZ examples)
2, 1999 pg. 2; Strange White World by Pauline Cartwright (Otago fogs), pg. 6; How To Make Your Own Mist & Smog


Order the 'Marcus Lush: Ice' DVD online from
TVNZ ICE series (five-part documentary presented by Marcus Lush).
You can download the teaching resources to accompany this DVD free from Television New Zealand or Te Kete Ipurangi