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Briefing papers

Available Briefing papers:

  • The international debate and implications for New Zealand exporters

Discussion about food miles is increasing and causing concern for the business community. This briefing explains the origins of the food miles issue and its implications for New Zealand exporters in the context of international trade. It discusses the positions being adopted by the various interest groups and practical actions that could be implemented along the supply chain.

  • Practical steps for New Zealand exporters

Repositioning New Zealand exports as a sustainable option for importing countries represents an opportunity rather than a cost. These briefing papers explains options available to those exporters who believe food miles issue represents either a threat or an opportunity for their business. They describe practical actions that can be taken to tackle carbon emissions, water conservation and biodiversity damage in supply chains in the aftermath of food miles.

  • New product environmental issues and retailer action

Governments have found it increasingly difficult to agree on complex environmental issues such as climate change. This has led to retailers and businesses taking the lead to address and reduce the impact of their activity on the environment and reduce impacts.

  • Eco-labels: a short guide for New Zealand producers

Eco-labels have been around for almost three decades and, although the use of some eco-labels is growing, their effectiveness is still being investigated. This briefing provides an overview of the main eco-label categories, their meaning and specifi cations, and explores their use in a trade context. It concludes by recommending areas for further research to determine the actual environmental and economic benefits of eco-labelling.