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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Building trustworthy biodiversity indicators

To effectively track the state of New Zealand’s biodiversity, we need trusted and useful indicators. Our research explores how we can do this, using birds as a test case.

Latest Snippets

Highlighting recent project developments and results.

How to build trustworthy biodiversity indicators

Learning how to develop indicators that people find useful and trust involves three research processes.

Image - Catriona MacLeod
Who is involved?

Working with a wide range of people and organisations.

Case studies for building trustworthy indicators

Focusing on specific issues of interest to our research partners.


Demystifying key research issues.

In pictures

Illustrating key issues and results.

Interactive data

Exploring and visualising bird data using interactive web applications.

Bird monitoring guide

Bringing together a wealth of knowledge gained from research on bird monitoring methods and approaches.