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Bird monitoring guide

When setting up your project there is a lot to consider.


We are developing a guide that brings together a wealth of knowledge gained from research on bird monitoring methods and approaches. To help you proceed, we provide an outline of the considerations needed when designing bird monitoring.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

While the actual count method employed for measuring bird populations and communities is important to success of your project, there is a lot more to consider when designing and implementing bird monitoring, including the need to clearly address these questions:

First step
Why are you monitoring?

Clearly defining the purpose of your monitoring project is a crucial step. It determines which different approaches (i.e. what is measured) and methods (i.e. how it is measured) are appropriate.

Second step
Are you prepared?

Do the prep work and you’ll save time and hassle when it comes to implementing your project.

Third step
What to monitor

Carefully consider what you should measure to best achieve your monitoring purpose.

Fourth step
How to monitor

Choosing the right survey design for your purpose is crucial.

Fifth step
How to manage data

Carefully record, store and share data.

Sixth step
How to interpret data

Choosing how to edit, process and interpret data.

Seventh step
How to communicate results

An effective monitoring project communicates with the right people in the right way.