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Key to Coprosma species of New Zealand

<em>Coprosma robusta</em> (glossy karamu). Timber Trail, Pureora Forest Park, North Island. © Murray Dawson

This Lucid 3 interactive key will allow you to identify any of the 53 species of Coprosma currently recognised in New Zealand.

David Glenny, Jane Cruickshank, Chris Morse and Jeremy Rolfe

The key is illustrated with 500 images of species and the features used to identify them and has a factsheet for each species that provides a list of distinct features, comparisons with similar species, description, habitat and distribution details, and references to literature.

The key is designed for those with some experience in plant identification and will allow species to be identified without fruit being present. A glossary is linked to each factsheet to help the user understand the terminology used in the factsheets.

The TFBIS (Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System) Programme fully funded these Coprosma keys.


System Requirements

This key will run on most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and Microsoft Edge.

Although this key is not optimised for portable devices, it displays OK on tablets.

Dedicated smartphone apps are available for two of the keys on these webpages (Coprosma and Native orchids).

App Availability

A free app version of this key is now available for smartphones and tablets for both Android and iOS devices.

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How to cite

Glenny, D., Cruickshank, J., Morse, C. and Rolfe, J. 2010. Key to Coprosma species of New Zealand.
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Date of access: 18 Jul 2024