Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Our economic impacts

Earth pillars caused by wind and rain erosion

Earth pillars caused by wind and rain erosion

Location of operations

Landcare Research is a New Zealand company with no permanent offshore staff and no offshore facilities. We have two small, overseas holding companies to deal with IP issues related to collaborative research.

We have one wholly–owned subsidiary company: Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited, which encompasses the carboNZeroCert™ programme, CEMARS®, Energy-Mark® and the Enviro-Mark® Programme. It is located in New Zealand but also operates in markets in Australia, Chile and the UK.

In November 2011, Landcare Research sold its wildlife tracking subsidiary Sirtrack to Lotek Wireless Inc. All staff transferred to the new owner.

Nature of our business

Landcare Research is one of seven Crown research institutes currently owned by the New Zealand Government. We have the equivalent of 315 full-time staff across four regional centres and five small district offices. Funding is derived primarily from a Core Funding Agreement and contestable research contracts with MBIE, and research contracts for government, local government, sector bodies and private industry. Additional revenue comes from specialist commercial services provided by our various laboratories.

Landcare Research's Core Purpose (set by Government in consultation with key stakeholders) is to drive innovation in New Zealand's management of terrestrial biodiversity and land resources in order to both protect and enhance the terrestrial environment and grow New Zealand's prosperity. Our research is fully aligned to this and so is strongly aligned to and supports government policy, and reflects client and end–user priorities, and benefits New Zealand.

The global nature of many sustainable development issues means that our work and capabilities have relevance outside New Zealand. Many of our science teams are recognised internationally for their expertise and research capability. We have strong collaborative research links with Australia, North and South America, and China, and have continued to work with colleagues across the UK, Europe, SE Asia and the South Pacific.

Within the constraints of remaining financially viable, we also provide general public information and education (particularly tertiary) services beyond the demands of our science contracts.

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