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Volume 3: Myxomycetes of New Zealand

Fungi of NZ Vol 3 - Myxomycetes

Fungi of NZ Vol 3 - Myxomycetes

Steven L. Stephenson

This book aims to provide a comprehensive monographic treatment of the more than 180 species of myxomycete (plasmodial slime moulds) previously reported or known to occur in New Zealand.

Myxomycetes are a group of fungus-like organisms found in most terrestrial ecosystems. They tend to be overlooked because of their small size and the types of situations where they occur. Although "slime mould" is not a particularly attractive common name, the fruiting parts of the fungi often exhibit incredibly diverse forms and colours, and are often objects of considerable beauty.

An overview of the group is given, including aspects of their biology and ecology, along with an explanation of the basic structural features of the fruiting body upon which identification is based.

Dichotomous keys are provided to the different taxonomic orders of myxomycetes and to families, genera, and species within each of these orders. Each species is described, and selected examples are illustrated with line drawings and/or colour photographs.