Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

International Business Group

International Business Group (IBG) works in a variety of ways with partners in developing countries to implement aid and capacity building projects and programmes.

We work with in-country staff, individuals and organizations/departments, providing technical assistance and developing applied research techniques and new skills. IBG manages contracts with partners throughout the Pacific region and in Asia. Our work is usually funded by aid agencies, NGOs or national governments. Many of our staff are highly experienced. They have worked with partners for more than 20 years and have contributed a great deal to a variety of land management and environmental development activities during this time.

Our staff can provide services in project feasibility, project design and project management. We enjoy working alongside a client at the commencement of the project scoping and assisting with the preparation detailed plans for implementation, where necessary.

Partners appreciate working with Landcare Research for a variety of reasons:

  • opportunity to work with our dedicated staff who are seconded on salary with no financial top-up to themselves (ie. they are dedicated for technical reasons, not financial);
  • our staff are motivated to make a real difference and share the full extent of their knowledge;
  • we are an enduring organization that makes a solid partner in development activities;
  • and we firmly believe in the principles of promoting appropriate approaches and technologies for social, environmental and economic sustainable development.

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