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Sustainability reporting

The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) concept widens the scope of traditional management and reporting to include the social, environmental, and economic performance of an organisation. Landcare Research offers advice in the development of a TBL approach to management and reporting.

The Triple Bottom Line Approach

In essence, an organisation:

  • Establishes its own values in relation to social, environmental, and economic issues.
  • Determines the performance issues of importance to its stakeholders (staff, customers, shareholders, communities, suppliers, insurers, etc).
  • Integrates the above to establish a set of key performance areas, indicators, and targets.
  • Measures and openly reports performance, with external verification to increase trust.

How can Landcare Research help?

We recommend a facilitated process designed by Landcare Research staff which draws on our own experience, our membership of international organisations such as AccountAbility, and the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research, in the UK, national bodies such as the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development, and makes use of international resources such as the Global Reporting Initiative, AA1000 and Enviro-Mark®.

The company currently supports members of both the public and private sectors in their TBL management and reporting needs.

Landcare Research offers project management, workshops, training and facilitation services to organisations wishing to invest in triple bottom line management and reporting.

Landcare Research also offers a range of TBL tools which are helpful throughout the process of implementation.

  • AA1000 an internationally recognised process and standard for engaging stakeholders in performance assessment and reporting.
  • carboNZero - The carboNZero programme encourages and supports organisations and businesses, products and services, conferences and events, travel and tourism, and households and individuals to minimise their climate change impacts by providing the tools for them to measure, manage and mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • EBEX21®a scheme for assessing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously investing in the restoration of native bush/forest to absorb emissions and as a refuge for our country's precious biodiversity.
  • Enviro-Mark®NZ an Internet-based resource for assessing environmental, health and safety compliance, policies, and management, and gaining certification for levels of performance.