Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua


The TFBIS (Terrestial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System) Programme fully funded this project.

The authors of Flora of New Zealand Volume 5 Gramineae, Elizabeth Edgar and Henry Connor, gave their permission to use the flora descriptions as the basis for this key and to link to the digitised version of the flora.

Mary Barkworth from the University of Utah (Editor for Gramineae for the Flora of North America Project) provided high-resolution images of line drawings covering nearly all of New Zealand’s naturalised flora.

Graeme Bourdot (AgResearch), Rowan Buxton, Graeme Jane, Peter Johnson, Carolyn Lusk (AgResearch), Chris Morse (Landcare Research), Colin Ogle, Jeremy Rolfe, Alice Shanks, Geoff Walls and Hilary Webb (Horizons Regional Council) provided photographs and plant specimens. Rowan Buxton, Chris Morse, Mike Thorsen (Dept of Conservation) and Susan Wiser (Landcare Research) gave helpful comments to improve the key and alerted us to errors.

The publisher of the Grass Flora, Manaaki Whenua Press, gave permission to reproduce illustrations by Pat Brooke, Sabrina Malcolm, Peter Johnson and Keith West.

Donovan Sharp and Bryan Simon (authors of AusGrass: Grasses of Australia) and ABRS (Australian Biological Resources Study) allowed us to use their character glossary images. Bryan Simon also encouraged us to change from a generic key to a species key.