Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Data Analysis

Research Aim 1.2 – Provide data analyses of environmental and human pressures on the Ross Sea region (RSR) terrestrial environment

Using high performance computing (HPC) resources through National e-Science Infrastructure (NeSI) and data collected in Research Aim 1.1, the six analyses proposed in this Programme will investigate pressures on the Ross Sea region terrestrial environment. The rationale for these analyses is:


The regional variations and spatial pattern of surface temperature and precipitation (that control available liquid water in terrestrial environments, and therefore the biology) in Antarctica are still unknown.


Liquid water (rather than frozen ice) drives Antarctic terrestrial biology.


Analyses of soils will focus on their role in shaping the distribution of biological habitats within the Antarctic terrestrial environment.


The spatial distribution of Antarctic biological diversity is needed to provide a basis for more robust conservation.

Human movement

Humans are part of the Antarctic environment and have been increasing their presence and activities for more than 50 years, but human activity has not been a key focus of research for Antarctica.

Data mining

Using data mining techniques and the collected and harmonised data from Research Aim 1.1, we will discover new patterns from the data themselves.