Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Co-innovation workshop

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30th Oct 2019 - 30th Oct 2019
10:00 am - 04:00 pm
Meetings on the Terrace, 152 The Terrace, Wellington

Please join us for “Creating our future - Land, People and Environment”; the 2019 Manaaki Whenua Co-innovation Workshop.

In this workshop we will embrace the complexity of the problems and the system, to explore the issues, barriers and opportunities for people and our land. What knowledge, approaches and tools do we need?  What research is required to identify and accelerate the change our environment and society so that New Zealand and New Zealanders thrive into the future.

For those of you who have received and accepted our previous invite for a co-innovation workshop in September, we hope you will accept this reframing and date change and join us for an ambitious day of collective problem solving in October!