Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Analysis of Asia–Pacific freshwater invertebrates

Aquatic invertebrates are used in many monitoring programmes designed to assess the state of freshwater habitats around the world.

Landcare Research analyses hundreds of freshwater invertebrate samples every year, producing taxa lists and abundance records for clients and for our own research. Automontage photo-microscope facilities at our Auckland Bioassist Laboratory have produced spectacular images of freshwater invertebrates from New Zealand, Brunei (Borneo) and Papua New Guinea, assisting other researchers to accurately identify these species in future monitoring programmes.


Stephen MooreThis website was developed by Stephen Moore, employed at Landcare Research from 2001. Stephen died in July 2013, having courageously battled terminal cancer for several years.

Gifted entomologist, photographer, microscopist, and family man – Stephen was all of these and more. Possessing a boundless energy and enthusiasm, prolific work rate and dedication to the task, Stephen is sorely missed by his colleagues at Landcare Research.

Phil Novis