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Specialist invertebrate diagnostics

Specialist Diagnostics is a service offering expert identification of invertebrate species.

The service is provided by the taxonomists of the New Zealand Arthropod Collection and utilises a range of resources, primarily, the Arthropod Collection and associated literature. The service is available to members of the public, commercial organisations, and government organisations.

This service specifically provides information on:

  • Presence and Distribution of species in New Zealand

    • Information to help determine whether an invertebrate species is present in New Zealand.
    • Information can also be provided on a species distribution in New Zealand and other biological information, for example, its habitat, or host records.
  • Nomenclature Check

    • An in-depth check about the scientific names of specific invertebrate species.
    • Such questions may include: Is this the most up-to-date name for this invertebrate species? What other names has this species been called? Could this name have been given to two different species? Do these two names refer to the same species?
  • Other services include

  • digital images (Automontage) for publication and diagnostics
  • specimen cataloguing and electronic databasing,
  • training workshops for invertebrate identification and the development of protocols for identification,
  • risk assessment of invasive species

If you wish to submit material for identification, please read the guidelines provided on our requirements, the sending of material, and associated costs