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Key to Tachinidae in New Zealand

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This key was created using Phoenix v1, which works as a dichotomous key. The key is designed only for use in New Zealand. This is the first graphic key to Tachinidae genera in New Zealand, so any feedback would be appreciated. Images were taken by F-R Schnitzler at Landcare Research with NIS Elements, Helicon Focus and Combine ZP.

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The key progressively eliminates genera that do not match the chosen features until identification is made.

System requirements

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The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) v1.4.2 or greater needs to be installed on your computer. To obtain the latest version of the JVM for free, go to

Note: If a security warning appears in Firefox when launching the key just click Run


Schnitzler F-R 2016. Key to Tachinidae of New Zealand.
Accessed: 22 May 2022