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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Non-Financial Performance: KPIs



Our good employer principles

Leadership, accountability, and culture

We conducted our employee engagement survey and achieved an 80% response rate. Our engagement index is in line with our benchmark to other CRIs. The CEO, senior leadership team, mid-level leaders, as well as new and aspiring leaders, had the opportunity to participate in our leadership development programme. This included workshops, seminars, and coaching opportunities. We have a developed an EEO policy that links to our values and a programme started to increase bi-cultural awareness including Treaty of Waitangi and cultural competency workshops and marae stays and te reo classes.

Recruitment, selection, and induction

Our robust recruitment and selection policies and procedures ensure we attract high-calibre employees. We are focused on making strategic hiring decisions to ensure we have the appropriate staff capability for the future. Our thorough induction programme ensures new employees settle in safely, quickly, and easily.

Employee development, promotion, and exit

As part of our performance appraisal and development programme, all staff have opportunities throughout the year to discuss their career, personal development and training, and mentoring with their manager. All individuals have learning and development plans that are actioned and monitored by the Training Co-ordinator. Exit questionnaires are collected and collated from departing employees.

Flexibility and work design

Landcare Research continues to support flexible working arrangements and provides phones and laptops to improve staff mobility. We offer part-time, variable hours, and teleworking arrangements as appropriate.

Remuneration, recognition, and conditions

Our remuneration policy is reviewed annually to ensure this supports our recruitment and retention strategies. We benchmark our salary medians against the CRI, science, and general market sectors.

Harassment and bullying prevention

Our values, together with our Workplace Harassment and Bullying policy, detail our expected behaviours. Landcare Research is committed to maintaining a respectful and safe work environment free from harassment and bullying.

Safe and Healthy environment

As well as continually improving a mature health and safety management system that has been audited to tertiary level ACC WSMP from 2004 through to February 2016, we are developing integrated health and well-being initiatives with a particular focus on addressing work-related stress and individuals’ lifestyle choices.